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Well, the one thing I was hoping would not happen, happened

Luckily, I have dual AC units, so I am not without AC, just without the unit that cools the lower level of my home. The fix is going to cost me about $2,000. My guy said $1800-$2000, and I trust him. We are able to do without the unit for now, even the rest of […]


Yup, your sil is pond scum. She reminds me of my brother who tried to throw my mom out to the curb because he got tired of her living in his underwater condo with her paying half of his mortgage because they didn’t want a stranger to pay full rental price. That’s what he did […]


It all is in a grey area on whether or not dh and I could file criminal charges on THE sil. It all depends on what paperwork she has tricked dmil into signing. Since we never went to court to have dmil declared incompetent and the doctor that diagnosed her with Alzheimers is dead we […]