Selling house to get out of debt

Here is my dilemma:

We bought the house we now live in about 13 years was a 2 bedroom 1 bath with a walk up attic, with 4 kids we needed more room. So we put on a 3/4 dormer and added 3 more bedrooms and 2 baths. As of the end of the summer we will only have our youngest son who is 15 living with us. The house is worth quite a bit of as we are in a beautiful seaside town about 15 miles north of Boston. It is VERY expensive to live here. The house does need painting and a number of repairs to sell, but if we sold our house we could be COMPLETELY out of debt. We have paid off about $77000 in credit cards the last 4 or 5 years but still owe about $35000. My husband had to retire from law enforcement almost 4 years ago and now works for the National Park Service. Because of his back problems/chronic pain issues we don’t know how long he can work. So do we start to pile up money to fix up the house and sell it next spring..(that is our goal). We have a first mortgage that an adjustable and we pay a little less $1200 on the principal every month. We have a stupid tax 2nd mortgage we took out about 10 years ago to consolidate debt which is a much higher interest rate but we can’t refinance because of his lower earning and high debt to ratio credit rating. With both of the mortgages it costs up about 1/3 of our income every month. We have not been able to be gazelle intense as our oldest daughter came back from the middle east (she had been in the military in Israel) and had terrible PTSD. What you think about this – installment loans with bad credit for long term service? It has taken her the last couple of years to get on her feet. She is finally working full time and will be moving out the beginning of September.

That’s a job listings service

and I have lined up several good sources of income through them over the years. With our farm work I can’t stray too far from my main employment so I had to find supplemental work that I could do here. Flexjobs was, hands-down, the single best source of legitimate work-from-home lists I ever found. No envelope-stuff nonsense there; it’s every category of normal work you’d expect to find on any job listings service, but it’s specifically aimed at folks who need flex-time, telecommute, part-time, seasonal, etc. It costs $15/month to subscribe for complete listings, but you can scan their lists for free to at least see what all is available. Very highly recommended.

Well, the one thing I was hoping would not happen, happened

Luckily, I have dual AC units, so I am not without AC, just without the unit that cools the lower level of my home. The fix is going to cost me about $2,000. My guy said $1800-$2000, and I trust him. We are able to do without the unit for now, even the rest of the summer if necessary. It gets up to around 83 degrees in the house in areas, while other areas are comfortable. I’m experimenting with trying to redistribute the cool air, but not having a lot of luck. The fans definitely help. But I went back to midnight’s, and have to sleep during the day. My bedroom is the worst room in the house! So I may need to buy a cheap window system for my bedroom.
So now my finances are stressed. I need some advice. Income wise, not a lot of options there. I can’t take a second job due to hours of service issues. But the best solution would be to increase my income with some type of work from home business. I don’t need a lot, maybe an extra $1,000 per month. I’m not looking for multi-level marketing or some get rich scheme, just something that is steady.
On the expense side, I’m all about cutting expenses, but I’m too the point where I’m am going to start to cut into the bone. In terms of luxuries, we have Dish, which I am about to “cut the cord” on that, but that will not solve my problems. I have looked at all my utilities, and they are about as cheap as I can get them. My budget items like Gas, Groceries, Personal, and home needs, clothing, and misc, well I have cut those to. We budget shop, look for sales, coupon, ect, and we are able to make things work.
My debt is killing me though in terms of paying it off. I’m able to service it on time, in fact I pay all of my bills on time. I just can’t seem to get the overall balances lowered. My plan has not been working. My emergency fund gets used way more than it should, and I never get it built up and stabilized. There is always a repair that needs to be done on a car, or the house.
Now I have two kids in college, and they are working. Each is doing the pay as you go type thing for college. One may end up with a full ride next fall. With this, they are paying for their own transportation expenses, and many of their personal expenses. But they both are living at home to save on college costs, which I encouraged.
So what has hit me is this. I need to add another car to the family. We are looking at older models, and going to pay cash when we get to the right level. I also need to replace my oldest vehicle at some point. I have a 1997 Plymouth voyager with 228,000 miles, no ac, and is pretty close to being done. I might be able to get by another year or two with it, but….So I am in the market for two cars, and to fix my A/C, build up my emergency fund, and get my balanced paid down. What is holding me back is I am short on income. I have my budget, I have my plan, I have a great job with great income. But it is just not quite enough.
So, does anyone have any suggestions on how to build a secondary income? Keep in mind, I really can’t take a second job because of federal rest rules with my job. But something that is flexable, hopefully work from home. No multilevel marketing, or get rich quick schemes.


Yup, your sil is pond scum. She reminds me of my brother who tried to throw my mom out to the curb because he got tired of her living in his underwater condo with her paying half of his mortgage because they didn’t want a stranger to pay full rental price. That’s what he did to her for her helping him out when he couldn’t sell it or afford two mortgages.
They were trying to avoid a short sale. It still happened. It’s a good idea to not buy a house before you sell the one you’re living in. Don’t assume you can rent it out and don’t harass a family member to buy it from you. Why should they be left holding the bag of your mistake.

Needless to say, I called him out on it and we had a fall out. I haven’t talked to him in 2.5 years. He just now started fessing up that it’s his fault and that he lied about some of the stuff that happened.

Greed does horrible things. I lost a brother due to his greed and envy.

I don’t want to have to deal with someone like that.


It all is in a grey area on whether or not dh and I could file criminal charges on THE sil. It all depends on what paperwork she has tricked dmil into signing. Since we never went to court to have dmil declared incompetent and the doctor that diagnosed her with Alzheimers is dead we would have to go through a lengthy civil case to get her declared incompetent at this point and sil would fight us every inch of the way.
Dmil’s medical records have some how got ‘lost’.
When we demanded proof of her being dmil rep payee she sent us a blurry copy of her application to be rep payee and a rescind form for a poa for dh, who wasn’t the poa of record. So we don’t know if sil has any rights at all.
When she cashed out the life insurance policy she used a poa with her daughter’s name on it, not hers. However, she announced on fb her daughter knew nothing about of it.
We were told by another family member at that time sil couldn’t get approved for anything.
When she tried to steal the brokerage account to buy herself a house she showed, very fleetingly, a different set of papers to the broker. He refused the papers and threaten to have her arrested.
So we don’t know if she has any legal paperwork or not.
If she does she is still in a very grey area, because a rep payee does not give her the legal right to open charge cards in dmil’s name, but a poa would.

However, if she opened them with a poa then she is personally liable for any and all debt on that card. Something she probably doesn’t know…yet.
So she could be ‘legal’ on running up the debt. Or it could be identity theft. It would take a very messy expensive civil suit that we may or may not win.
Dmil has zero way to use charge cards without assistance, so it is definitely sil doing it.

So morally she is scum, but legally her butt may be covered.
So until the debt collectors go after dmil hard or she passes we won’t know.
Either they will prosecute her for fraud and elder abuse or make her pay them every penny she has ran up. Either way our hands are tied right now.